The Hampton Roads Super Grand Prix enters its fourth season featuring 15 of the best club supported races in the area! Runners must register with the Hampton Roads Super Grand Prix to be included in event scoring. Only races AFTER you register will be included in the series points (so register NOW).

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2019 Hampton Roads Super Grand Prix Race Schedule

MonthPeninsula Track ClubTidewater StridersColonial Road Runners
January 1/26 Distance Series 15 Miler at Ft. Monroe
February 2/16 Colonial Half Marathon
March 3/9 Fort Eustis 10K
April 4/6 Victory at Yorktown 10K
4/20 Run the DOG 5K
May 5/25 Elizabeth River Run 10K
July 7/27 Coast Guard Day 5K 7/30 (Tuesday) Mel Williams Memorial 5K
August 8/3 Strider Mile
8/18 (Sunday) Dismal Swamp 10 Miler
8/24 Jamestown Island Democracy Dash 10K
September 9/14 Mulberry Island Half Marathon 9/28 Neptune Festival 8k
October 10/26 Governor’s Land 5k
November 11/2 Yorktown Battlefield 10 Miler
December 12/7 Run With The Son For Haiti 5K
Schedule is subject to change. Please check with the sponsoring club for the most current information and to register for individual races.
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